Lo Scoiattolo: The farm

The farmhouse Lo Scoiattolo, located in the hamlet of Montorio al Vomano Cusciano, in the province of Teramo, has been certified among “Italy’s finest skies”: a place where you can still admire the stars and spend relaxing holidays and in direct contact with nature.

Waiting staff in the restaurant and prepared, attentive to your needs and with the sole purpose to make you leave the farm satisfied to have had a lovely evening, having enjoyed eating and having been served as you wanted.

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The farm animals

In our farm, our chickens are strictly kept ashore and free to walk in nature. From them we get high quality eggs, the basic element in the production of our food. Pigs, about 30, living in a barn with large outdoor area where you can freely walk and are rigorously fed with vegetable flours. From this we get hams, sausages, sirloins, salami, all made according to recipes of the traditional cuscianese’s kitchen.

The Farmland

Wheat, spelt, barley, tomatoes, eggplants, potatoes, zucchini, peppers, pumpkins, chili peppers, olive oil and much more, all grown in harmony with nature, without any use of pesticides or herbicides. From wheat, strictly stone ground, we get our beautiful flour, used for the implementation of the first and bread.

Play Area

Are you invited to the restaurant with your kids? If you don’t want your kids get bored or wishing to leave suddenly, here’s a park made on purpose to keep them busy during lunch or dinner at the restaurant! A large play area for the little ones adjacent to the farmhouse, composed by: 2 double slide, swings, swing seats, seahorse in 2 places and playhouse.

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The Chef
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The Cook
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