We offer exclusively local traditional dishes. We prepare every day bread, often baked in a wood oven, handmade pasta. Obviously can not miss cold cuts, grilled meats and kebabs: we’re in Abruzzo, the land of ancient shepherds.

Everything we offer to you is seasonal, and locally produced, zero-mileage. As much as possible we use products from our farm. For the rest, such as cheese and wine, we know the producers in person and we guarantee the quality of products.

The daily menu includes starters, first course, second course, vegetables and dessert at €25 per person, including drinks.

The chitarra with little meatballs

One of the most typical dishes of our cuisine. Pasta, strictly on chitarra, an instrument which can be found in any market, combined with a meat sauce enriched with pallotine (little meatballs). Is always available.

Mixed grill

Sausages, lamb, steaks, kebabs, chicken. The meat never fails. Is always available.


Elaborated and tasty first course of Teramo tradition. It is composed of many layers of scrippelle (savory crepes), each of which gets stuffed with meat sauce with mozzarella, parmesan, egg, little meatballs. Is a dish available on request.


The farmhouse has 3 rooms on the first floor, with great views of Montorio al Vomano and Gran Sasso:

  • Room “The Own” with 1 king size bed and 1 bunk bed, private bathroom
  • Room “The Hedgehog” with 1 king size bed, private bathroom
  • Room “The Fox” with 1 king size bed and 1 bunk bed, private disabled bathroom
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